BOOK REVIEW: After The Storm (Lost in Austin #3) by Christina Berry

Publication Date: October 13, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Romance 

Publisher: PVR Publishing
254 pages
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When Greg Hendricks agrees to his wife’s request for an open marriage, he doesn’t anticipate she’ll fall in love with another man and leave. He doesn’t anticipate losing his job either.

Drowning in self-destruction, Greg clings to his memories of New Orleans nine months before—the night he wandered into a movie theater called Paradise and spent an evening talking with the beautiful owner, Violet Devollier. Their connection was brief but intense.

A connection so intense that when Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, Greg will stop at nothing to return to Paradise and find Violet.

But what good is a broken man in a broken city? For Greg to have any chance of a future with Violet, he’ll have to find the courage to piece himself back together as they rebuild Paradise after the storm.


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Greg is floundering.  His best friend is having a baby and the woman he took for granted and thought he would be with forever has moved on with a new man.  Now he has lost his job and his purpose.  When Katrina hits NOLA he remembers the woman that he met right after Greg and his wife opened their marriage.  He was attracted to her but didn't pursue it. 

Now after seeing the devastation happening in NOLA he is worried about her.  As a structural engineer he knows he has the skills to help so he packs his friends truck and finds his way to the place everyone else is fleeing.  

What he finds there, other than the devastation, is family.  A community that pulls together to help each other.  They keep an eye on each other and have each others backs.  They may not have much but what they do have they share.  This is the first time that Greg has felt needed and good about himself in a long time.  I was glad to see that this didn't turn into the white savior book.  With Greg riding in to save the day.  I think Violet would have faired just fine without Greg.  Yes he has knowledge that is helpful but I think in the end they do more for him than the other way around and I am pretty sure Greg knows that as well. 

Another great installment in this series.  

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