BOOK REVIEW: Steel Scorpions MC by Savannah Rylan

Publication Date: October 2, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  MC Romance

Publisher: Self Published
1060 pages
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Violence. Loyalty. Brotherhood.

With enemies around every corner can the men of the Steel Scorpions MC protect their club and trust the women that their hearts are destined for?

Now you can get all SIX of the men of the Steel Scorpions MC in one steamy set!

This box set includes:



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These books were good but could really use a good editor.  There are some major continuity issues in a few of the books that would have been hard for me to overlook but I was sucked into the story and wanted to see how it ended.  One minute someone was smashing their phone the next they were using it as a flashlight, someone who was kidnapped and complained about not being able to take down her pants with her hands tied and then wets herself is rescued and suddenly wearing a skirt and doesn't even take a shower before getting jiggy (ew). I really hope the author takes the time to go back through these and fix the errors which for many would just have them putting the book down and moving on. 

I had to give them a good rating through because they were good in the plot and distracted me enough to keep me reading. The books were sexy, and filled with insta love.  Some of them were friends who have lost touch and found their way back to each other etc.  Overall I thought this series was a fun distraction and I always love cheering on the good guy taking down the scummy women abusing bad guys.  

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