ARC BOOK REVIEW: All The Dark Places by Terri Parlato

Publication Date: January 3, 2023
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Mystery/Thriller

Publisher: Kensington
304 pages
Buy: Kindle | Hardcover


Snow falls softly outside Molly Bradley’s home on a frigid January night. Inside, half a dozen close friends are gathered to  celebrate the fortieth birthday of Molly’s psychologist husband, Jay. Candlelight gleams against dark wood, wine flows, and the  house rings with laughter. Everybody loves Jay, Molly most of all. Yet next morning, Molly discovers Jay dead on the floor of his  office, his throat brutally slashed.

After decades working with the Boston PD, Detective Rita Myers has grown accustomed to the banality of evil—the murders that  make no sense beyond bad luck or a tragic brush with the worst of humanity. But Jay Bradley’s murder isn’t random, or a mere  crime of opportunity. Rita is convinced that someone in the couple’s small circle killed him. Someone who was celebrating with  them that night.

Devastated, Molly tries to make sense of her husband’s death. Jay was her rock, the only person who really understood the  nightmare she lived through long ago. He knew the horrors she’s kept hidden even from her friends. But shocking revelations are  making her question if Jay was all he seemed to be—and whether someone else knows her past too. And until Molly figures out  who she can really trust, she won’t be able to stop herself becoming the next target . . .


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

This book grabs you from the beginning.  All the characters just feel a bit off.  When Jay is murdered everyone is a suspect and everyone seems to be hiding something, even Molly.  I couldn't figure Molly out at first but it's obvious that there is something in her past that she is trying to keep hidden.  She doesn't like basements, doesn't like the press and seems scared of her own shadow. 

The female characters in the book don't seem as creepy as the men but Jay's partner rubbed me the wrong way several times and I could never pinpoint why.  Overall this is a very well plotted book with relatable if not always likable characters.  The alternating point of view chapters from Molly to the police detective involved helped put you in the mindset of both participants.  

When things are finally revealed in the end I hadn't seen it coming.  I was focusing on a different character so I was pleasantly surprised by that.  Overall a great mystery/thriller for a debut author. 

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