BOOK REVIEW: Sleighed by Daddy by Amarra Skye

Publication Date: November 30, 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  BDSM/Daddy M/M romance

Publisher: self published
98 pages
Buy: Kindle | Paperback


Wesley isn't exactly winning at life.

Approaching 30 and working at a guest ranch to make ends meet, he doesn’t have time to pursue his talent for art. 

When his meddlesome boss Russ plays heavy handed matchmaker and sets him up with a visiting cowboy, he’s frustrated until he lays eyes on the hottest computer geek this side of the Mississippi.

Dustin, still reeling from his recent breakup, only agreed to drive the horse-drawn sleigh as a favor to save the holiday celebration from disaster.

Thrown together for the week-long event, Wesley and Dustin bond in their mutual resentment of Russ’s well-meaning manipulations.

They agree to fake date with the goal of a very public, very messy breakup to show Russ the error of his ways. Their scheme goes awry when their instant red-hot attraction turns into something more.


After reading so many of these types of book I am quickly learning that the Daddy Dom/ Little trope is just not my jam.  I struggle with the whole diapering, wearing kids pjs etc and making it sexual.  Maybe it's because I'm a mother and been there done that don't find any of it sexy in any way shape or form. 

Moving past my own bias I can say that this is a cute little story of a friends meddling in the lives of their friends, trying to get them what they want for Christmas. Both don't have a significant other and their kinks match.  Wesley is trying to be a full time artist and Dustin is very well established and can work from pretty much anywhere.  

The interactions and support that the characters give each other within their community is sweet - there wasn't a whole lot of sexy time action happening in 98 pages but it was more connecting the characters. So overall if you like this trope this is a quick fun read. 

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