BOOK REVIEW: Trickling Sands by Jerrod Fast


Publication Date: January 3, 2019
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Mystery

Publisher: self published
123 pages
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Two spouses, Richard and Serene awake to a morning of uncanny feelings and to add to their unease, they soon discover their six-year-old son Mark is nowhere to be found. Despite their numerous attempts of searching top and bottom throughout their home, there is no trace of their son. After searching, Serene and Richard finally locate him in his favorite hide-n-go-seek spot in the basement. Unfortunately, they also find themselves submerged in an unspeakable nightmare.Longtime friend Garett and his colleagues of the Welder Viller Police Department seek to get to the bottom of the grim misfortune. Garett's relentless endeavors to acquire answers are fueled by the pursuit of justice and to find healing within his subdued heart. Emotional confrontation and suspicion, eventually leads to the answer he desires. Though after obtaining the answers he so desperately seeks, it shepherds more sorrow and pain, than all the other events leading up to it.


Free on Kindle Unlimited. I received a free copy of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

This book had some good moments but struggled to find its voice.  Since this is a novella everything seems very rushed.  I'm not sure what year this is supposed to be in the book but the family only had one cell phone which is strange and the police waited an awfully long time to go investigate when one of their own doesn't show up for work. 

The beginning was the best part as it surprised me I was drawn in by it and was waiting for it to develop more but it just didn't happen. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a religious book but there was an element of that in the writing. Either way I just didn't connect to the story. 

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