ARC BOOK REVIEW: Until I Saw You by Dianna Roman


Publication Date: December 1 2022
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Romance/Grief/2nd chance

Publisher: self published
382 pages
Buy: Kindle | Paperback


I’m in love with my best friend’s widow.

The only person I’ve cared more for is gone.

There’s no doubt he knew yet never let on.

It was just the kind of man Jake was.

I’ve worn my guilt like a second skin since we were teens, 

worshipping her from afar.

But time has done me no favors.

Under the surface, resentment grows. 

A rage no one else sees.

But now she’s asked me to do the unthinkable…

To grant her the comfort she needs.

I’m helpless to say no to Mel.

I’d give her anything. 

Even if doing this will ultimately destroy me when it’s over.


George Huggie Hughes has been in love with his best friends wife since they all met when they were teens.  He was there for the wedding, and supported them through everything, including 2 kids.  When Mels world comes to a screeching halt when her husband dies in a car accident Huggie steps in to help.  He is there for her to guide her through her grief, help her with the kids and guide her back to the land of the living. 

Of course pining for your dead best friends wife brings a whole set of guilt and mixed emotions.  But as romance kindles between them Huggie can't say no to Mel, no matter what it may cost him. 

I think the portrayal of grief in this book is one of the more exceptional ones. Grief is different for everyone but it goes up down and all around, one day you are fine then you hear something or see something and bam right back where you were when you found out.  The ability to grieve with someone and keep the dead person alive through your memories is not uncommon and this type of romance isn't unheard of.  I think this book was well done on both ends not just on Mel's but with Huggie struggling with his emotions and what is best for the kids who he loves as if they were his own. 

I loved this book.  It also connects to the Deprivation, Fractured and Stronger so it was nice to revisit those characters again. 

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