AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: By Way of Sorry (Erin McCabe Legal Thriller #1) by Robyn Gigl

Publication Date: March 30, 2021
Format: Audio
Genre:  Legal Thriller 
Narrators: Marguerite Gavin

Publisher: Recorded Books 
 10 hours 11 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Erin McCabe has been referred the biggest case of her career. Four months ago, William E. Townsend, Jr., son of a New Jersey State Senator, was found fatally stabbed in a rundown motel near Atlantic City. Sharise Barnes, a nineteen-year-old transgender prostitute, is in custody, and given the evidence, there seems little doubt of a guilty verdict.
As a trans woman herself, Erin knows that defending Sharise will blow her own private life wide open, and doubtless deepen her estrangement from her family. Yet she feels uniquely qualified to help Sharise, and duty-bound to protect her from the possibility of a death sentence. Because Sharise admits she killed the senator’s son—in self-defense.
As Erin works with her partner, former FBI agent Duane Swisher, circumstances hint at ties to other brutal murders. Senator Townsend is using the full force of his prestige and connections to publicly discredit everyone involved in defending Sharise. And behind the scenes, his tactics are even more dangerous. For his son had secrets that could destroy the senator’s political aspirations—secrets worth killing for . . .


This is currently free on Kindle Unlimited. 

I loved this refreshing thriller. I love a good legal thriller and this one did not disappoint. When Duane Swisher and his legal partner Erin McCabe are called to take the case of the person accused of killing the son of a prominent State Senator they knew they were in over their heads they just didn't know by how much.  After convincing their client to let them defend them Erin and Swisher find themselves fighting an uphill battle. As more things stack against them they eventually figure out what and who may behind all of this and then things start to get deadly. 

Witnesses are dying, judges are clearly biased and in between everything else going on Erin is finding herself romantically interested in a man for the first time. This case is also bringing up a lot of feelings for Erin as their client is a transgender woman as is Erin. Erin's mother is super supportive but her father won't speak to her and her brother is worried about how his kids will handle her transition. 

The legal system is less than accommodating to their client and the judges, cops and prison guards are less than accommodating to both Erin and her client. 

The narration of this story is stellar and I couldn't stop listening once I started.  I was drawn in and the twists and turns and downright scary lengths some people in power will go through to get their way shouldn't be shocking but it was.  I also loved that this book was written by a transgender woman as accurate and true voices matter. 

The second book in this series, Survivors Guilt was released in January 2022 and I can't wait to read it.  That is also currently free on kindle unlimited 

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