AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Murder Book: A Novel by Thomas Perry

Publication Date: January 17, 2023
Format: Audio
Genre:  Private Investigator Mystery 
Narrators: Peter Berkrot

Publisher: Highbridge Audio
 11 hours 36 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


When a sudden crime wave hits several small midwestern towns, the U.S. Attorney for the region calls on Harry Duncan to investigate. An ex-cop known for his unorthodox methods, Duncan is reluctant to go up against a widespread criminal organization—but the attorney in question is Ellen Leicester, the wife who left him fifteen years earlier, and to her, he can’t say no.

Initially brought in as a consultant to determine if the racketeering is severe enough to require an all-out investigation by the FBI, Duncan quickly finds himself in conflict with a syndicate far more violent than first suspected. As the investigation develops, he begins compiling a “murder book,” the notebook in which a detective keeps records, interviews, photos—everything he needs to build his case. But his scrutiny of the gang soon makes Duncan a target. And Ellen, too.


I received this book for free through  I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

Harry Duncan made the mistake of taking a case his ex-wife offers him working for the State Attorney. He soon finds that he has stumbled into a mob takeover of a small town. Although he brings a lot of evidence without names they are no good to his ex. Now putting his life on the line he tries to get the information that he is looking for. 

This is a great private detective novel. Harry Duncan is a likable character who has quite a few skills that help him to stay alive. The story is interesting and keeps your attention.  Harry reminds me a bit of Michael Connelly's character Bosch.  Even though Bosch is a cop the feel of this book brings the same feel and given that I am a huge Bosch fan it's no wonder I really fell for this book.  I am definitely going to be adding Thomas Perry on my list of authors to explore more. 

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