ARC BOOK REVIEW: Don't Fear the Reaper by Stephen Graham Jones


Publication Date: February 7, 2023
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Horror 

Publisher: Gallery Saga Press
 461 pages
Buy: Kindle | Audio


December 12, 2019, Jade returns to the rural lake town of Proofrock the same day as convicted Indigenous serial killer Dark Mill South escapes into town to complete his revenge killings, in this riveting sequel to My Heart Is a Chainsaw from New York Times best-selling author Stephen Graham Jones.

Four years after her tumultuous senior year, Jade Daniels is released from prison right before Christmas when her conviction is overturned. But life beyond bars takes a dangerous turn as soon as she returns to Proofrock. Convicted serial killer Dark Mill South, seeking revenge for 38 Dakota men hanged in 1862, escapes from his prison transfer due to a blizzard, just outside of Proofrock, Idaho.

Dark Mill South’s reunion tour began on December 12, 2019, a Thursday.

Thirty-six hours and 20 bodies later, on Friday the 13th, it would be over.


I received a free copy of this book from the author through I am leaving this review voluntarily.

The second book of this series and I thought it was better than the first.  Jade has returned to Proofrock as Jennifer Daniels, determined to put away her slasher loving persona. However the same day she returns a serial killer escapes his transport right out side of Proofrock.  Then the bodies start to pile up and Jennifer has to resurrect Jade to save her friends and her town from another slasher. 

I love these books as they pay homage to the 1980's slasher films of my youth.  Filled with directors and quotes from various slasher films there is even a nod to the very unslasher movie The Breakfast Club but was also a staple of the 80's movies enthusiasts. 

The only thing that I didn't understand was I thought Jade was exonerated and her conviction overturned therefore she wouldn't have been on parole and not been taken away to live out her sentence. However the scene just before she is taken away is classic and will be imprinted in my mind forever. I understand why he did it this way but it could have been handled differently. 

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