AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Later by Stephen King

Publication Date: March 2, 2021
Format: Audio
Genre:  Ghosts
Narrators: Seth Numrich

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
 6 hours 32 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


The son of a struggling single mother, Jamie Conklin just wants an ordinary childhood. But Jamie is no ordinary child. Born with an unnatural ability his mom urges him to keep secret, Jamie can see what no one else can see and learn what no one else can learn. But the cost of using this ability is higher than Jamie can imagine – as he discovers when an NYPD detective draws him into the pursuit of a killer who has threatened to strike from beyond the grave. 


Part of the Hard Case Crime books - Hard Case Crime brings you the best in hardboiled crime fiction, ranging from lost noir masterpieces to new novels by today’s most powerful writers, featuring stunning original cover art in the grand pulp style.

This is a really interesting story of a boy who can talk to the dead and a ruthless cop who uses him and puts him in a position doomed to haunt him for the rest of his days.  The narrator refers to his story as a horror story. It's not scary so much as spooky. I love a good ghost story and this book does not disappoint. 

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