BOOK REVIEW: If We Were Heroes by Christine Anna Kirchoff

Publication Date: November 26, 2021
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Dystopian 

Publisher: Evernight Teen
 196 pages
Buy: Kindle | Paperback


Her father is the terrorist who released a virus that devastated most of the world and created vampire zombies. The cure is in her veins, and she’s sacrificed her freedom to find a vaccine. Now, Ember holds the last mutated strain in her blood, and the government votes whether to keep her alive or kill her.

A film crew arrives to document her story, and it may be her only chance to sway the vote. However, an unexpected kiss leads to an infection that may start another worldwide outbreak. Ember must fight the effects of the darkness inside her to keep from turning into the monster.

Will that be enough to save her life or will she start an apocalypse just like her father?


I loved this book its a great new take on the zombie/vampire apocalypse. When her father releases a virus at the airport Ember and her best friend Sam who are upstate at camp struggle to return to NYC to get to their parents.  What they encounter is a world gone mad.  Abandoned cars, zombie vampires hiding in the woods. 

After Ember is bitten and doesn't turn they realize she may hold the key to curing the virus. Now she has been locked away in a secure location because she may have a mutated form of the virus.  She spends her days isolated and now the government wants to kill her. 

Narration moves back and forth between now and then. Both stories are captivating and the story moves along quickly. I really enjoyed this book. 

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