BOOK REVIEW: Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell

Publication Date: November 16, 2006
Format: Audio 
Genre:  Scandi Crime 
Narrator: Dick Hill

Publisher: Blackstone Audio 
 8 hours 58 Minutes
Buy: Audio | Paperback


One frozen January morning at 5am, Inspector Wallander responds to what he believes is a routine call out. When he reaches the isolated farmhouse he discovers a bloodbath. An old man has been tortured and beaten to death, his wife lies barely alive beside his shattered body, both victims of a violence beyond reason. The woman supplies Wallander with his only clue: the perpetrators may have been foreign. When this is leaked to the press, it unleashes a tide of racism. Wallander's life is a shambles. His wife has left him, his daughter refuses to speak to him, and even his ageing father barely tolerates him. He works tirelessly, eats badly, and drinks his nights away. But now Wallander must forget his troubles and throw himself into a battle against time and against mounting racial hatred. Winner of the CWA Gold Dagger for Sidetracked.


This book is free with an audible membership 

I am a huge fan of Scandi Crime novels.  I like the slower pace and the more procedural feel to them.  Kurt Wallander is the most well known Scandi detective there is and I've seen some of the TV shows but I've never read the books.  I was thrilled when I found this book on Audible for free. 

Wallander is a grumpy detective who ruffles a lot of feathers but always seems to get the job done. With his personal life crumbling around him he is determined to find the killers of a seemly benign couple living in the country who are brutally murdered.  The only word the woman says before she dies is that they are foreign.  Thinking this may be a hate crime they focus on that.  

I love that things aren't solved right away and investigations actually encompass months before a missing piece breaks the case and they realize they had it wrong. 

This book shows how masterful Mankell is with his storytelling.  I can't wait to dive into the others in this series. 

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