AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger

Publication Date: May 10, 2010
Format: Audio
Genre:  Crime Thriller 
Narrators: David Chandler

Publisher: Recorded Books 
 10 hours 52 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Drawing strong comparisons to the work of James Lee Burke and Tony Hillerman, William Kent Krueger’s Cork O’Connor mysteries never fail to please fans.

The Quetico-Superior Wilderness: more than two million acres of forest, white-water rapids, and uncharted islands on the Canadian/American border. Somewhere in the heart of this unforgiving territory, a young woman named Shiloh - a country-western singer at the height of her fame - has disappeared.

Her father arrives in Aurora, Minnesota, to hire former sheriff Cork O'Connor to find his daughter, and Cork joins a search party that includes an ex-con, two FBI agents, and a 10-year-old boy. Others are on Shiloh's trail as well - men hired not just to find her, but to kill her.

As the expedition ventures deeper into the wilderness, strangers descend on Aurora, threatening to spill blood on the town's snowy streets. Meanwhile, out on the Boundary Waters, winter falls hard. Cork's team of searchers loses contact with civilization, and like the brutal winds of a Minnesota blizzard, death - violent and sudden - stalks them.


The second of the Cork O'Connor series. I found this free on Audible.  I love the Indigenous culture the author weaves into his story telling. The way he shows the ways in which the Indigenous people are treated unfairly, their treaties broken etc. all without getting preachy.  He just puts the situations out there.  

Cork seems to have settled into a simple routine, he now has a burger stand that he opens and closes at will and makes just enough.  His relationship with his kids and his ex-wife seem to have grown and may have even sparked something new since the last book. 

This author really gives you a feel for his characters and the land in which they are a part of of.  The rivers, and wilderness are as much one of the characters in the book as the people.  

This is not a quick easy to pinpoint whodunnit.  There are layers upon layers and it is well told - the narration is also solid. 

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