AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Death and Fromage (Follet Valley Mystery #2) by Ian Moore

Publication Date: July 5, 2022
Format: Audio
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Narrators: Ian Moore

Publisher: Farrago
 7 hours 43 min
Buy: Paperback | Audio


Richard is a middle-aged Englishman who runs a B&B in the Vallée de Follet. Nothing ever happens to Richard, and really, that’s the way he likes it.

Until scandal erupts in the nearby town of Saint-Sauver when its famous restaurant is downgraded from three Michelin stars to two. The restaurant is shamed, the town is in shock, and the leading goat cheese supplier drowns himself in one of his own pasteurization tanks. Or does he?

Valérie d’Orçay, who staying at the B&B while house-hunting in the area, isn’t convinced that it’s a suicide. Despite his misgivings, Richard is drawn into Valérie’s investigation, and finds himself becoming a major player.



Just as entertaining as the first book in the series Death and Croissants.   I love Richard who seems to get himself into situations that he isn't sure how he got into in the first place. He is estranged from his wife and has a strange relationship with a French woman named Valerie and her little chihuahua. 

Valerie always seems to show up and drag Richard into an investigation.  He thinks he wants a dull boring life but I think he secretly loves the thrill of the investigations no matter how much he balks.  

Goat cheese seems to be the main culprit in this mystery.  When a farmer ends up dead in his pasteurization tank and there is a huge mystery surrounding a Michelin star chef and his signature recipe. 

These are amusing cozy mysteries with great characters. This audio book is narrated by the author which I think gives it some depth since who knows the characters better than he does? 

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