ARC AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: We Are All in This Together. so Make Some Room by Tom Papa

Publication Date: June 6, 2023
Format: Audio
Genre:  Comedy 
Narrators: Tom Papa

Publisher: Macmillan Audio
 7 hours 10 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Stand-up is all well and good, but observational humor that’s funny and warm may work best in books. And Tom Papa, whose loyal audiences are packed with “date night” couples of all ages, has perfected the form. In We're All In This Together, Papa’s thirty-seven short essays tackle these universal American topics, among others:

–Love for Your First Car (“To Buy or Lease”)
–The Truth about Personal Hygiene (“How You Know When It’s Time to Go”)
–Date Nights (“Will You Go Out with Me?”)
–Unfamiliar Hotel Rooms (“Why Nothing Works”)
–Pets (“Cats–Ancient Menace”)
–Drinking (“There’s no Cure for a Hangover”)
–Ducking your Family, even Though you Love Them (“The Lesson of Mark Twain’s Cigars”)


I received this book free from the publisher through netgalley.  I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

This is a collection of hilarious essays written and delivered by Tom Papa, and listening to it is like listening to one of his stand up shows. His observations on life are often spot on and laugh out loud funny. I loved the one about cats changing your passwords, and buying things on amazon when you aren't looking. I was crying I was laughing so hard because I honestly feel that way sometimes. 

I love Tom Papa and his mostly clean humor. He shows us how ridiculous life can be even in simple situations. I must have looked like a fool listening to this smiling until my face hurt and laughing out loud and wiping my eyes

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