ARC BOOK REVIEW: Dead of Winter by Darcy Coates

Publication Date: July 11, 2023
Format: E-book
Genre:  Mystery Thriller

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
 352 pages
Buy: Kindle | Audio


When Christa joins a tour group heading deep into the snowy expanse of the Rocky Mountains, she's hopeful this will be her chance to put the ghosts of her past to rest. But when a bitterly cold snowstorm sweeps the region, the small group is forced to take shelter in an abandoned hunting cabin. Despite the uncomfortably claustrophobic quarters and rapidly dropping temperature, Christa believes they'll be safe as they wait out the storm.

She couldn't be more wrong.

Deep in the night, their tour guide goes missing...only to be discovered the following morning, his severed head impaled on a tree outside the cabin. Eight drops to seven and it becomes clear that someone in the group is killing for sport. 


I received a free copy of this book from Poisoned Pen Press through I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Well it was interesting reading a book set in a blizzard on a sweltering hot beach. 

This book is a similar to a locked room scenario. Most of this story takes place in a remote cabin with no phone service. The story started to wear on me a bit as it became a bit redundant but as what ties all the characters together comes to light it picks up again. The ending was a bit predictable but it was still a good mystery read. The deaths were a bit gruesome and graphic but it also kept you on your toes. 

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