AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Test of Fae by S.L. Mason

Publication Date: April 29, 2020
Format: Kindle
Genre:  Fantasy

Publisher: Quick Quill Publishing
 386 Pages
Buy: Kindle | Paperback


Nothing comes for free, especially magic. 

Sarah’s escape from the Hallowed Hills is a bitter one, having left Arty behind. It’s only a matter of time until Janice finds Sarah and her new friends. But instead of tricking her, in true Fae style, Janice snatches a child and lures her. 

Sarah can’t save anyone without a plan and allies, and Nick is the only one she can trust. But Nick has his own objectives. Can Sarah get in and out of the Hallowed Hills without being caught up in the Fae games again? Or will she stay and discover the dark truth hiding behind the pretty faces of the Fae lies? 

In Fae, there is always a price, and for Sarah, that price may be too high. Can she pass the Test of Fae, or will she end up dead like all the rest?


Currently free on Kindle Unlimited.

I love this series.

Sarah has returned to the human world with the earth children she saved from the Fae contest. The world they once new is gone, most people are dead and the Fae are looking for them.  Hiding from the Fae she makes a new ally and is desperate to keep everyone safe. 

Magic has a price and the magic she needed to save everyone has changed Sarah, each time she uses it she turns a little less human and a little more Fae. To lure her out the Fae kidnap one of the children she is protecting and she is determined to get them back even if it means going back to the Fairy realm. 

This is a unique series and I really like the mythology around it. We finally have answers at the end of this book that brings to light the whole reason behind the Fae Contests. I've already downloaded book 3. 

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