ARC AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Space Between by Sarah Ready

Publication Date: July 23, 2023
Format: Audio
Genre:  Romance
Narrators: James Fouhey & Rachel F Hirsch

Publisher: Swift & Lewis Publishing
 13 hours 13 min
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Jace and Andrea. Andrea and Jace. From the moment of their fate-filled first meeting in Central Park, they’ve known one true thing—they’re meant to be.

Life doesn’t have many certainties, but for Andrea and Jace, forever is one of them.

Andrea Leighton-Hughes—shockingly wealthy Upper East Sider, a chess-piece in her family’s games since before she was born—knows what it’s like to hide behind a mask. Her world is one of lies, manipulation, and reputation. Jace is the first and only person to see who she truly is.

Jace Morgan is no stranger to tragedy, and every day is a struggle to get by. A musical prodigy from the Bronx, Jace and his brothers will do whatever it takes to climb to the top of the music charts. Andrea is the first and only person who has helped him play from the heart.

No one understands their connection. No one understands their love.

As Jace and Andrea struggle to stay together and prove that love defeats all obstacles, life sets out to prove them wrong.

What happens when two people promise forever, but life tears them apart?

What happens in the time they aren’t together—in the space between?

A love that lasts decades and a friendship that never dies. Sarah Ready’s The Space Between is a novel full of passion, betrayal, longing, and redemption—where love and lyrics hold the key to everything.


I received this book from Swift & Lewis Publishing through I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

I started listening to this book and stopped about halfway through because I just had a feeling I needed to listen to the rest with no distraction and no one else around.  I'm glad I made this decision because this book made me ugly cry.  I swear I had tears running down my face the whole second half of the book. Some in sadness, some in happiness and some in frustration. 

This was a beautifully written book that shows the ugliness of life even when you have money.  It shows dreams can come true when you work for them, and true love never dies.  There were so many feels in this book its breathtaking. This is not your typical romance, it's hard, and it's cruel and it's making decisions that may hurt others but they are the right thing to do. It's also beautiful, and heart pounding and breathtaking in its joy.  Run don't walk to the store for this one.  It's not to be missed. 

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