AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Fangs of Freelance by Drew Hayes


Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Format: audio 
Genre:  Paranormal Fantasy/humor
Narrator: Kirby Heyborne

Publisher: Tantor Audio
 8 hours 20 minutes
Buy: Paperback | Audio


When Fred formed his own parahuman clan out of necessity, he understood that it was going to come with new responsibilities. Much as he hoped those tasks would center around extra paperwork and perhaps the occasional mandatory class, enough time around the supernatural has taught him to be ready for anything. Or so he thought.

As a freelance accountant for the Agency, Fred soon finds himself being tossed into new, unexpected, and perilous situations. From inventorying ghostly castles, to exploring unsettling amusement parks, to negotiating with dangerous mages, it seems there is no end to the uses for an accountant of Fred’s specialty. But dangerous as the new jobs are, the greatest threat may come from the past. An old enemy is making waves once more, an enemy who would go to great lengths to destroy Fred and everyone he loves. And this time, they've brought backup.


I love these books. Fred is often humorous even when he isn't trying.  No one believes that he is actually a vampire accountant and think that he is trying to gain power using his unassuming accounting personality as a trick.  But Fred is exactly who he says he is.  A sweater vest wearing accountant - he loved numbers in life and loves them in death.  He also has a knack for finding others who don't quite fit in and befriending them, forming his own unusual clan. He lives in an enchanted house with his friends by his side and runs his accounting firm. Now he is a freelancer for the Agency that his girlfriend works at.  

This book read more like a series of short stories compiled together.  While the other books have a better flow this one was still really good and very funny.  I can't remember when I came across these books but I think there were only 3 now that I know there are more I will be tracking them down, one by one. 

If you like a unique vampire story this is definitely a must read. 

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