ARC BOOK REVIEW: Pity Party by Whitney Dineen

Publication Date: September 26, 2023
Format: Kindle 
Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Publisher: Independently Published
 308 Pages
Buy: Kindle | Paperback



I should have used my college degree to become a lawyer, politician, or heck, even a Time Lord—
hey, it worked for Dr. Who.But no, I had to own a bridal boutique. Turns out that’s a terrible idea for someone with my lousy dating history.

Every day, I’m surrounded by the trappings of the perfect wedding, and I’m starting to resent all the smug almost-marrieds. I shouldn’t want to throat punch the brides, right?

Then Jamie Riordan moves to Elk Lake with his twelve-year-old daughter. He’s everything I've ever wanted in a guy—tall, gorgeous, successful, and clearly devoted to his kid.

Too bad his grumpy highness wants nothing to do with me.

I may not be his dream girl, but does he have to be so insulting about letting me know?


Thank you author Whitney Dineen for sending me a free copy of this book. 

I loved this book as much as the first. Melissa owns a bridal boutique in Elk Lake, however she hasn't found her happily ever after yet but is determined to work at it. Sammy moves to Elk Lake with her dad for a fresh start and befriends Melissa. 

This is a great book of self love, self worth and knowing what you deserve and taking chances. I loved the interactions between Sammy and both Melissa and her father. The whole story just gave me warm feelings of happiness. No spice other than some kissing but that was all it needed. I loved it.

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