ARC BOOK REVIEW: Let Him In by William Friend


Publication Date: October 3, 2023
Format: ebook 
Genre:  Ghost story

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
 240 pages
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Grief has settled in at Hart House. For nine months, Alfie has been caring for his twin seven-year-old daughters after the sudden death of their mother, Pippa. One night, Alfie wakes to find Sylvie and Cassia at the foot of his bed, claiming there’s a man in their room. Alfie finds no sign of a man, but it isn’t long before the girls start talking about an imaginary friend. What seemingly begins as a harmless coping mechanism for the two grieving girls quickly develops into something more insidious..

Alfie calls upon Julia—Pippa’s twin and a psychiatrist—to oust the malignant tenant from their lives, but he doesn’t want to leave. As his malevolent grip on the girls tightens—with increasingly dark and violent consequences—Alfie and Julia must contend with their own unspoken sense of loss, the haunting past of the house itself, and the true character of the force that has poisoned the girls’ minds.


This was a great creepy book.  It makes you wonder what is real and what is imagination. Does Black Mamba really exist? If so who is he and what does he want. Is the house inhabited by a ghost and if so whose ghost? Did something sinister happen to the twins mother or was it really an accident? 

There is stuff about strange religions, the twins grandmother is very odd, and you aren't quite sure if what you are seeing is grief manifest or something sinister. You never really get any answers just lots of questions that are left up to your interpretation. It was a freaky book and would highly recommend it if you are into the spooky and unexplained. 

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