ARC AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: The Lodge by Sue Watson

Publication Date: October 24, 2023
Format: Audio
Genre:  Mystery
Narrator:  Tamsin Kinnard

Publisher: Bookouture
 288 Pages
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Two days ago the Wilson family checked into the imposing, glass-fronted Lodge, surrounded by snow and perched perilously on the edge of a cliff looking out to a grey sea. Not everyone was looking forward to the family get-together. But mother-in-law Angela insisted the winter trip would help heal their rifts…

Danni: The new wife who feels like an imposter. She doesn’t trust anyone – even her husband. But is she trustworthy herself?

Fiona: The ex-wife who feels that all eyes are on her. She’s here for the sake of her children, but she fails to hide her seething jealousy towards her ex-husband’s new family…

Angela: The mother-in-law who can’t help but interfere. She planned the family holiday to get everyone together, but does she really want to keep the peace?

Scott: The husband torn between his ex-wife and his new wife. He says he wants to do right by his family, but he’s been telling lies to them all. Now his darkest secret is about to be revealed.

After a night of arguments, morning breaks with a single scream. Not everyone came to The Lodge to play happy families. 
Someone came to get revenge…


I received a free copy of this book from Bookouture through I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

I applaud Ms. Watson for a truly uncomfortable read. I can't imagine the tension flying through through the air at the Lodge where Fiona is staying with her two kids, her ex-husband and his new wife and baby, her ex mother-in-law and a suspicious woman who was hired to cook for them. 

Everyone in the house has secrets and they are stuck, unable to leave, due to bad weather, and the police discovering a hit and run murder of a man from their home town. Secrets are revealed slowly but not before suspicions and accusations fly. 

Just when I think I had things figured out I was taken in another direction. It was totally brilliant and the ending was shocking and believable. What a great edge of your seat mystery thriller.  

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