ARC BOOK REVIEW: The Boy Who Cried Bear by Kelley Armstrong


Publication Date: February 20, 2024
Format: Ebook 
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense

Publisher: Minotaur books 
 343 Pages
Buy: Kindle | Audio


Haven’s Rock is a well-hidden town surrounded by forest. And it’s supposed to be, being that it’s a refuge for those who need to disappear. Detective Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton already feel at home in their new town, which reminds them of where they first met in Rockton. And while they know how to navigate the woods and its various dangers, other residents don’t. Which is why people aren't allowed to wander off alone.

When Max, the town’s youngest resident—taught to track animals by Eric—fears a bear is stalking a hiking party, alarms are raised. Even stranger, the ten-year-old swears the bear had human eyes. Casey and Eric know the dangers a bear can present, so they’re taking it seriously. But odd occurrences are happening all around them, and when a dead body turns up, they’re not sure what they’re up against.


We return to Haven's rock, Casey and Eric's new town after the fall of Rockton. Unlike Rockton, Haven's Rock has children and families.  

While out for a hike a 10 year old boy sees what looks like a bear but moves like a human.  Days after the town starts hunting for it the boy disappears.  While fighting rumors, misinformation and residents who think they know better they struggle to find the boy as well as find the man dressed as a bear. 

This book really showcases the differences between Rockton and Havens Rock and also brings into question what is going on at the mining camp that lives next door.  I have a feeling we will be seeing much more about that in future books. Casey also finds herself under the weather and struggling to give 100% to solve the case of the missing boy and help track the person who took him. We see prejudices flourish within the community and the difference in running a town full of single people vs. one with families.  I flew through this book and love this series.  I love returning to these characters and witnessing their trials. 

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