ARC BOOK REVIEW: A Step Past Darkness by

Publication Date: February 20, 2024
Format: Ebook 
Genre:  Mystery/Horror

Publisher: Park Row
 502 Pages
Buy: Kindle | Audio


There’s something sinister under the surface of the idyllic, suburban town of Wesley Falls, and it’s not just the abandoned coal mine that lies beneath it. The summer of 1995 kicks off with a party in the mine where six high school students witness a horrifying crime that changes the course of their lives.

When they realize that they can’t trust anyone but each other, they begin to investigate what happened on their own. As tensions escalate in town to a breaking point, the six make a vow of silence, bury all their evidence, and promise to never contact each other again. Their plan works – almost.

Twenty years later, Jia calls them all back to Wesley Falls—Maddy has been murdered, and they are the only ones who can uncover why. But to end things, they have to return to the mine one last time.


A woman's death brings 5 old High School friends together again and back to their home town where none of them have been since they graduated. 

The friends reminded me of the Breakfast Club,  Maddy, a devout member of the local megachurch, Kelly, the bookworm next door, James, a cynical burnout, Casey, a loveable football player, Padma, the shy straight-A student, Jia, who’s starting to see visions she can’t explain.  

This book had a great creep factor when it came to the church that basically runs the town, and what happened all those years ago that created a bond between the 6 friends who may never have bonded if not for the mysterious and unbelievable incidents that occurred. 

The beginning of the book was very fast paced and then waned somewhere in the middle.  I really enjoyed the story and the different time lines but it started to drag a bit. The ending picked up again and I was happy with the ending. Overall a good read but could have been a bit shorter to keep it more engaging all the way through.  

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